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Nov 09,  · Four Way joystick setting will not work on 8 way games and therefore not work on a majority of the games on the mod kit.. 8 way joystick setting will work on all games, but not decently on Four way designed games. You have to be very deliberate in your movements. Example if you thrust up/right at the same time on street fighter your character will leap right which is expected. Do the same thing on Ms. The built-in auto-sorting system manages your fountain order and helps you to resolve mod conflicts with powerful, yet effortless to use plugin management features. MOD PROFILES Lightly set up, switch inbetween, and manage independent mod profiles enabling you to use exactly the combination of mods that you want for a particular playthrough. May 12,  · (E.g. Initial FPS around 60, but over time it drops to toughly 30 FPS.) The mod was last updated in Solution Go into "Mod Configuration Manager" (MCM) and enable all the options in Project Reality, then exit out of MCM and wait a few seconds.

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