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Mar 23,  · Mass Effect 1. Not many mods for ME1 which is a shame, but I am guessing that it was difficult and the DLCs are now included in the game when you buy it from Steam for $ Mods used: Nude Dancers Mass Effect Two. DLCs: Kasumi: Stolen Memory. Lair of the Shadow Broker. Overlord. Arrival. Zaeed: The Price of Vengeance. Project Firewalker. Mods. May 01,  · Project Diversity is a major overhaul for Mass Effect Trio. From fixing bugs, to expanding and diversifying the Citadel population, restoring cut content, and much more, PV touches most of ME3 in one way or another. Editing over files, PV is one of the fattest content mods for Mass Effect Trio. For a finish feature list click on the link below. What Mass Effect’s Tali Would’ve Done If She Never Met Shepard; 11 mins ago GOP victories in off-year election renews pressure on Washington Democrats to supply ahead of the midterms; 11 mins ago AEW Announces Kenny Omega Match for Tonight’s Dynamite, Omega Reacts; 13 mins ago Cleo Smith: How police found missing doll in Carnarvon.

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