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Oct 07,  · Pros of Using DSLR Cameras Battery life is an significant aspect to consider when choosing a camera. Pic by Eric Kunau. DSLR Pro: Battery Life. Electronic viewfinders in mirrorless cameras can be a battery drain, and mirrorless batteries tend to be smaller, so DSLRs tend to supply more shots per sexylace.topted Reading Time: 7 mins. Oct 26,  · DSLR's use a mirror in the figure to reflect the picture up into the viewfinder. The instant you take a picture, the mirror spins up and out of the way. Mirrorless cameras have no mirror. The photo passes straight through to the sensor at the back of the camera which passes a live 'feed' to Estimated Reading Time: Ten mins. Nov 11,  · Movie capabilities are a factor where mirrorless cameras clearly have DSLRs hammer. Where the DSLR type pioneered and developed HD and Total HD capture, it is now lagging behind. Most entry-level mirrorless cameras can now shoot in 4K, while more premium models are pushing 8K, like the Canon EOS R5. Battery life.

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